Red Swift and courageous Tara


Original A4 size artwork made with oil pastels




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Red swift and courageous Tara is an original A4 size original drawing made with oil pastels and also avialable as Art Print.


Green Tara is a female buddha with the power to appear in any form she wishes in order to help you.

Seated on her lotus throne, but ready to leap to your assistence, she is surrounded by her twenty-one different manifestations each with a particual gift to offer a devotee in need.

Tara is a goddess of compassion and love. Her blessings can pacify our anxieties.


This artwork is of Green Tara’s first manifestion: Red, swift and courageous Tara.

She gives you courage to keep your heart open in difficult circumstances. The sacred energies of this Tara act as a guide and catalyst for transformation. Anger can be the first warning flash that a situation is dangerous or unbalanced for you or someone else. Focussing only on the negative possibilities of this emotion may tempt you to repress the feeling, neither benefiting from its potential wisdom nor learning how to manage its destructive aspects. Left untended, anger turns inwards, which may cause depression. So this This Tara helps you to acknowledge feelings you might otherwise repress or disown.

Her mantra is:
Om Tare Tuttare Ture Sarva Tre Dhatu Vashum Kuru Soha!



I make my art with my hands. I rub out the oil crayons. The energy of what creation wants to flow through me comes through my right hand and light encodes each artwork. This is what you feel when holding one of my works. The energy of Light Beings, ascended masters, angels and your team of light and light codes that keep assisting you. It’s multi-dimensional and you receive what you can handle and are ready for in each moment you look at it or feel it.

Size: A4 size: 21 x 29,7 cm /  8,3 x 11,7 inches

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Original, Postcard, A4 Fine Art print, A3 Fine Art print


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