Family of Light


Original A4 size artwork made with oil pastels



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This artwork is called ‘Family of Light’



Come back to the essence. You are Light. A being of light.
This is a reminder and they want me to show you this image. This is You. Light energy consciousness.
And this is not you alone. Everything is energy. Everything. Move your attention to the purity. The simplicity of you being this light. Move your attention back to the stillpoint of you as light in your body which is becoming more light in this ascension process. You are remembering. .



Simple? not at all for what we are used to here as a human in 3d. Simplicity asks you to come back to your being of light. A way of higher conscious living here on earth. But when you truly connect with your Higher Self and Listen to her/him or the guidance of your angels or whoever is guiding you and giving you messages, it always comes back to simplicity: the essence. So it’s really simple. What is your ego saying? What are the beliefs that say for example that you need to do more, be a certain way or that you have to look a certain way. What does he or she say? And is this the truth? does this thought or believe makes it more complicated and drives you away from your essence from your heart, from love, from yourself? What do you know when you come back to the center of your heart? Your own soul? Simplicity. Less. Simple. Love. Listen to that. That’s truth, that’s powerful. That’s your gift to the world we need.


Remember your light is only growing stronger within you! No matter how intense these energies are right now, regardless of what you feel, you are only coming out more magical, more aligned, more light activated within your body. You’ve got this!!


And then she changed in this star portal in this ascension process. Returning to her being.
The sacred/ The sacred/The sacred
I am/I am /I am
Love /Unity/Light/Frequency
It’s through the connection with your own light, your own consciousness, your own being, your own perspective. Through self-love. You move through the veils and levels of 3d to 4d to 5d …. It’s the inner connection with yourself Now in each moment. You rise ↗and elevate the planet. Your way of seeing the world is very important. Only you hold frequencies for the whole of humanity. It’s like each one of you is a single note in one big symphony that humanity is playing together. So be your unique self. Come back home within your light within your now through loving yourself and allowing to feel what arises now. Returning to who you really are.


We are one big family of Light.

Pleiadean, Lyran, Arcturian, Venusian, Sirians,……… Hu-mans

We are one.


Size: A4 size: 21 x 29,7 cm /  8,3 x 11,7 inches


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Original, Postcard, A4 Fine Art print, A3 Fine Art print


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