Light Pillar


Original A3 size artwork made with oil pastels
42 x 29,7 cm / 11.69 x 16.53 inches


Fine Art Print is printed on Hahnemuhle Albrecht Durer paper, High Quality and looks very similar to the original

Only 25 art prints will be made

Your artwork will be signed



Ships Worldwide from the Netherlands, (excl. frame)

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Light Pillar

I channeled Light Pillar in collaboration with the Council of Light.

You will be resonating with Light Pillar when you have seen this image in meditation, in a vision, in your dreams or it’s simply reminding you now. Light Pillar is for someone who works with the energies of Earth and helps ascend our planet. You are a light pillar on Earth and you are changin her vibration by being here. There’s a soul aspect of you that is working closely with the council of light. You’ve had lives on other planets and beyond this planet. I feel a connection with water too. I have been told this image represents our 5th dimensional Earth plane. Each day star beings and higher Light beings are sending energy to our planet to assist us in our awakening and ascension process. A part of you is helping them sending these energies to us.

While drawing Light Pillar huge amounts of light were send to us and I was told old Atlantean stuff, patters and contracts form that time are being released. When you resonate with Light Pillar now, you are releasing thoughts, emotions and contracts from your Atlantean Life. The water energy and the stream of light will help with releasing them.


Channeled by Saskia Jonkers



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