Baby in the womb healing – Postcard Transformation of Life


The postcard is an image of a channeled drawing made with oil pastels.

The A6 sized postcard is printed on 350gr white paper and the back of the card is Blanc.

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Baby in the womb healing

Use this postcard ‘Transformation of Life’  of a baby in the womb when you are celebrating a mother to be. Or as a visual tool when you are healing your womb.

When you are gazing at this postcard you are reminding yourself of your baby in the womb or your womb and the blessing it gives you. It strenghtens your connection with yourself and your baby.


‘Transformation of Life’ postcard features a baby in the womb with a brown background. Supporting you on your journey into motherhood.


Crafted from heavyweight, premium card stock.

  • Includes one card
  • Card pkg. size: A6 (105 x 148mm).

Shipped in a protected plastic sleeve and kraft envelope.
Made on FSC paper. By using FSC you directly contribute to the protection of our global environment and to a social environment for humans and animals.


Her message:

The wise woman in yourself. The wise deep sacred voice within is your soul. Your knowledge gained through the ages here to assist you further on your path. You’re protected, held in a lovable embrace. Cleansing, washing pain away. Birthing a new life energy: happy, balanced and free.


Womb healing

Your womb is a sacred place and is directly connected to the cosmos. It is your place within yourself where you feel at home and can be carried in a field of love.
It is in the depths of the womb where we find our strength, rest and receive pearls of wisdom.
The forgotten power and magic of the womb
The feminine has remained silent for a long time, has kept herself small and above all restrained. Many women still carry this wound of the past in the womb, DNA and consciousness.
The time has come for the feminine to pulsate upwards like a waterfall from mother earth. ​
Womb Healing for connection with your deepest self ​
We are getting closer to ourselves as we rest deeper in our pelvis and lap. To connect with our womb is to connect with our deeper layers. You will automatically connect more with the earth.
The womb is connected to your cycle of life as a woman. Every month you live your own rhythm, determined by your uterus. If we do not live according to our rhythm and in connection with mother earth, we will be further away from ourselves.
Reconnecting with your purity, your womanhood, the power of your rhythm and Shakti energy in your womb brings you closer to your wholeness. Magic, beauty, the deeper life of your emotions and journeys, power and love open up in you when you come home to your feminine essence.


Art as a visual tool to support

With recent advances in biological, cognitive and neurological science, there are new forms of evidence on the arts and the brain. Scientific evidence proves art enhances brain function. It has an impact on brain wave patterns and emotions, the nervous system, and can actually raise serotonin levels.

Art can change a person’s outlook and the way they experience the world.


Gaze at this baby, womb healing and receive her benefits!



Copyright Saskia Art and Healing

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