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‘Blessing of Hathor’

This stunning ‘Blessing of Hathor’ postcard will support meditation and mantra practice. This A6 size original artwork by Saskia Jonkers is encoded with the energy of goddess Hathor.
As the (altar) card resonates within your sacred space, you’ll feel the sovereign creative power of Goddess Hathor blessing your space. While drawing the image Goddess Hathor was right next to me.

While drawing the background the blue took me to the sea. And the 🌊 waves keep looping you through I wrote down. The energy at this moment felt for me as I had been here before. This energetic wave that can either pull you under or you can be present 🎁 and ride the waves 🌊 When I am present I can see and hear the echo. Seen and heard by my own Self, my Sat Nam, my soul, it pulls me through the loop of old beahaviours, old wounds. No more looping in the same cycle. While drawing further I was drawing women with long hair standing at the base turtle 🐢 shield . This took me back to Lemuria, Atlantis and being a priestess. Was this drawing going to be about that time? Is the loop connected to the fall of these civilisations? When feeling of separation came in?
Letting the energy come through me the scenery I had just drawn faded. Remenising about the patterns that shielded these women. I heard: ‘Can you accept me?’
Drawing eyes I felt a huge presence and energy coming through me. Breathing through the energy that came through, I said ‘yes’. Hathor. I can accept you and I will draw you. Hathor said again. Can you accept me? The Hathorian legend, mystery? The harmonic dormant power within. The energetic current of your soul frequency?
Can you step through the stargate in this multidimensional activatation?

I make my art with my hands. I rub out the oil crayons. The energy of what creation wants to flow through me comes through my right hand and light encodes each artwork. This is what you feel when holding one of my works. The energy of Light Beings, ascended masters, angels and your team of light and light codes that keep assisting you. It’s multi-dimensional and you receive what you can handle and are ready for in each moment you look at it or feel it.

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