All ascended masters unite


Original A3 size artwork made with oil pastels


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All ascended masters unite A3 size original made with oil pastels also available as an A4 or A3 size Art Print.


Her message:

The awakened seed sygil.

Goddess Isis, Mother Mary, Green Tara, Hathor, Quan Yin and Mary Magdalene.


‘All asended masters unie’

* Mentoring with the Divine Feminine Ascended Masters always brings me closer to my divine self. I like gazing at this image and know that they are here to mentor me, support me and guide me.

* I have made altars, mandala’s and crystal grids where I used this drawing for and I have come closer to my own essence and love myself more deeply. I Find the energy of the Divine Feminine Ascended Masters so loving, gentle but strong where the energy of 6 divine feminine ascended masters are bundled in one image. Still we can choose to only work with one at a time.

*It shows us we can collaborate with other women and what is birthed when women gather, when we share our skills rather than compete with them, when we flow together rather than against one another, when we celebrate each other’s individual gifts and uniqueness and create together and work as one.


I make my art with my hands. I rub out the oil crayons. The energy of what creation wants to flow through me comes through my right hand and light encodes each artwork. This is what you feel when holding one of my works. The energy of Light Beings, ascended masters, angels and your team of light and light codes that keep assisting you. It’s multi-dimensional and you receive what you can handle and are ready for in each moment you look at it or feel it.


Channeled by Saskia Jonkers



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Original, Postcard, A4 Fine Art print, A3 Fine Art print


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