I am all


A4 orginal spiritual drawing made with oil pastels
( A4 width 21cm by height 29,7 cm / 8,3 x 11,7 inches)

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‘I am All’ is available as an A4 original spiritual drawing or Art Print
A4: width 21cm by height 29,7 cm / 8,3 x 11,7 inches

This artwork connects you to the center of the universe. To the central sun of our solar system to other suns in other star systems. It connects you to source and your I am.
You are a bridge between heaven and earth. The suns collects data from the plantes around her and sends the data as light codes to us and helps us in our ascension process.

Message received while channeling ‘I am All’.
Come back to the beginning of you.
Sacred seeds are planted. Galactic alignment of codes will bloom once more, body and soul. Hu-man light codes activated in us all. Ready or not? Here we go. Come back to you. The original light you are. Expanding, contracting, birthing love. Different time lines, higher evolved realities are open for us now. Choose wisely in how you spend your consciousness. Which state of flow, which state of beingness you are in. Vibing high love based. Choose your existence now.
I am ALL
In this silence everything is
Love in your core
Love is who you are
From your BEing everything is created
I am the beginning the origin of all, multi-dimensional
I am the start I am the end I am abundance
From my my essence I create my reality. I am.

Energetic message by Carrie Yvonne as another layer for “I am All’:

Tectonic, tech TONIC,
tones shift, plates shift, My palette shifts, new COLOR palettes, plateleLETs, combinatIONS, mix-sing, stirring. Make room, cleaning the plate, change IS the pace, expand my tech, skin, SPACE, teaching, reaching INTO, out of, out to,
ALL that I AM. Higher Tech IT, Higher Teaching.
Power UP, my suit, my old suit is worn, wear-INg my new suit of armour, A’MORE, I AM MORE, I am love.
I AM, Home suite, sweePING home, swept away Beyond skin deep, dive deep, in the depths of renewal, reNOWed.


You can see and experience ‘I am All’ artwork at my Art Exposition at Crystal Store De Verrijking in Maassluis the Netherlands 18 januari 2020 – februari 2020

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