Archangel Gabriel a child of Love


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Archangel Gabriel a child of love


This drawing is a beautiful gateway with many layers. She connects you with the angelic realm and the Sun. The process of making this art piece is important to feel and understand the totallity of her.


Solar codes, sun energy, angels

Process picture 1 Archangel Gabriel a child of love




“We speak as one energy from the Solar Sun. Yes it’s true there are angelic light forms here. Many angels combined their Light. We are with many to help our Earth. She’s a star to us as in the Milky Way throughout the omniverse there is no one like her. She is beautiful. One being of the Golden Age. We use these words to amplify the energy through which we encode light, our Solar rays. Our light brings a new dawning for Hu-manity. Enjoy! Rejoice! Receive the Solar angelic crystaline light frequencies!





archangel gabriel, solar energy, light, frequencies
Process picture 2 Archangel Gabriel a child of Love


Earth angels, you are a vehicle of Light, a bridge through which we ascend, a conductor to elevate the planet Higher. And you are important as wayshowers, loveholders.








angels, birth art, frequensy, sun
Process picture 3 Archangel Gabriel a child of Love


Be the bridge of light humanity needs unique to your soul, your energy, your frequency.













Process picture 4 Archangel Gabriel a child of Love

I felt angelic presense while drawing. This drawing can therefore connect you to the angels and the sun. The sun connects us to the angelic realm, like a gateway.













archangel gabriel, angels, sun, light energy
Process picture 4 Archangel Gabriel a child of Love

We are bright children of the cosmic frequency, solar rays. The sun rebirths us. Every morning she blesses us with her rays.














Archangel Gabriel
Original art or Art Print
Archangel Gabriel a Child of Love


A message from Archangel Gabriel:

“Many children of love are born on this planet, every minute, every single day. You are born of love. You come as light inside a body. You are the light children on earth.

Remember. Only love is real. You can birth anything into exsistence. You are rebirthing yourself over and over again”.



Archangel Gabriel a child of Love is also available as a postcard:

Archangel Gabriel a child of Love Postcard


Copyright Saskia Art and Healing

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A5 print, Original, Postcard, A4 Fine Art print


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