Spiritual on demand artwork with message

Together with my beloved guides I make spiritual works of art that are connected to your unique soul. Through colors, symbols and images that appear on the painting, I receive messages that help you in a positive way in your life. It’s like seeing a story come alive while layer upon layer is drawn and painted. Witnessing the proces is not only healing and activating, it’s seeing manifestation unfold. It’s seeing and feeling energy being materialized for you into your own unique artwork.

Your spiritual artwork is deeply connected to your soul essence and is a symbol of your beauty, wisdom, love and gifts you carry with you in this life.

What are you receiving?

What People are saying – All the Love

About Saskia

I have serveral guides who help me draw and tune in. My Grandfather was a painter and was known in the Netherlands for his art. When he passed away I felt a calling to draw as a way to send my love and appreciation for him and his journey back Home. I placed a drawing of a cricket in his coffin, which makes me giggle now. Mulan was a popular movie at the time and unconsciously I was inspired by the cricket for good luck. I believe it’s that moment I felt my gifts being activated. I still feel his presence when I create art because sometimes I don’t even know how I created something and that’s the moment I know he helped me.

I am also very connected to Mother Mary. I often see her blue orb light around me. Peace and calm comes over me when I feel her. She is like a second mother and mentor. She helps me stay connected to my heart and follow my own path not distracted by the outer world or comparison. I have a large painting of her in my art studio gifted from nons reminding me of her presence and tuning into my heart for guidance.

Besides my grandfather and Mother Mary I have the Lyrans who help me. They are such pure, royal, wise beings and so protective aswell. They are the original founders of the eternal Christos angelic human races. And there is so much more to tell about them but this is not the space for it. I am telling you who my guides are and who I am working with because it’s crucial that when you work with energy you know who the source is.

So what kind of investment is a Spiritual on demand artwork?

Your A3 size artwork is 555 Euro.

Due to the fact your artwork is one of a kind, custom made, it is a one time payment. Upon payment Saskia will e-mail you to schedule your ZOOM call.

Each Painting takes 1-3 weeks to complete and will be send with Track and Trace to your home. The additional messages will be written out for you on luxurious paper.

“I’ve been up since 6 am reading, rereading and digesting this information. I did not in no way shape or form expect this reading. There’s so much I want to say as to how and why I feel that way i do, but alas I’ll just say THANK YOU. I don’t think I’ll be the same as yesterday LOL. ALso your proces is truly truly incredible. Also thank you soooo much for documenting te pics and info the way you did. I’m analyzing and documenting my ascension process so this really really opens my eyes and it shows me how much you can change a life by showing up and sharing your gifts the way you did” Nathaly

Price includes World Wide shipping

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