Why is art healing?

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Do you like creating art? Or are you following artists on Instagram adoring their work? Maybe you enjoy visiting art museums? Then the question “Why art is so healing for you?”, has undoubtedly already crossed your mind. That makes sense, because you for sure feel something when you see a work of art. You love it, you feel inspired, are taken to another world in your imagination or on the other hand find it ugly and quickly blink your eyes so you can focus elsewhere. Art does something to your mood and overall sense of wellbeing. That’s why I started researching why art is healing.

Why is Art healing


Healing through Art

Art has been recognized as a powerful tool for healing and therapy for centuries. In many spiritual traditions, art has been used as a means of expressing and connecting with the divine, and as a tool for healing the body, mind, and spirit.  But is each painting healing? The answer is not as simple as it seems. How healing art is firstly depends if you are the creator or if you are a viewer. Secondly it depends on your goals.  How much healing do you need and expect from art? What are your personal preferences? For example, if you have a natural affinity for a particular art form, such as pottery or sculpture, you may find that this form of art-making is particularly beneficial for your healing. And how often are you creating or viewing art in galleries or museums?

1.      Expressing emotions through art

Type in google: “Why is art healing?”, and you immediately find art therapy in one form or another. This a proven therapy form and is being used in hospitals and schools given by therapists and the benefits are backed up by studies. Making art helps process your feelings or difficult experiences that may be difficult to put into words. Secondly creating art helps empaths and HSP’s. They feel the energy of their surroundings. Like me! I personally create because I can distinguish my own feelings from other people through processing them when I draw with my oil pastels. Through art I can make the energy visible of what I feel or even saw in my mediations or visions! Art gives me an understanding of myself, and I can listen to my inner wisdom. This helps me to feel connected to who I am and my personal power. You should definitely try it as a tool for self-exploration and personal development and growth.

For those who love viewing art, it can provide a sense of comfort and validation, inspiration as well as offer a new perspective on a particular issue. This is the power of Tarot and oracle cards! A lot of symbolism is woven into each card making it a healing tool and sparking our personal power. And we all know how powerful illustrations or art can be in Society when we want to express a critical opinion on topics in the world.

2.      Stimulating the mind and senses

Yes! Art stimulates your mind and senses. What an overload of images and reels on Social Media we now see each day when we aren’t careful. And imagine each image doing something within your brain. When you consciously look at a piece of art, your brain is engaged in a process of interpretation and analysis. This can help improve your cognitive function and enhance your ability to focus and concentrate. Additionally, engaging with art can activate different parts of the brain, such as the reward center, which can result in feelings of pleasure and happiness. This is why some people describe viewing art as a form of meditation or mindfulness practice.

The sensory experience of creating art, such as the tactile sensation of working with clay or the visual stimulation of color and form, can also be therapeutic and grounding.

3.      Viewing art makes you healthier

So viewing art is actually beneficial for your health? Yes. An art and healing research in Norway, known as the Nord Trondelag Health Studie gathered information from 130.000 Norwegians ages 13 and up. The study questioned men and women about how often they participated in cultural activities like attending galleries and museums. The study discovered that there was a definite correlation between participating in cultural activities—like creating art or attending concerts—and having increased rates of good health, satisfaction with one’s life, and lower rates of anxiety and depression in both men and women.

4.      Social Connection

In addition to the individual benefits of art, there is a growing body of research that highlights the healing benefits of art and social connection. Engaging in creative activities with others can help to strengthen social bonds, increase feelings of empathy and compassion, and reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness. Whether it’s through participating in a community art project, attending an art class, or simply sharing your artwork with others, social connection can provide a powerful source of support and healing. The act of creating art with others can also help to promote feelings of belonging and acceptance, as individuals are able to come together to share their experiences and express themselves in a safe and supportive environment. By combining the healing benefits of art and social connection, individuals can tap into a powerful source of healing and transformation that can help to promote overall well-being and enhance their quality of life.


To answer the question: is Art Healing? it is definitely Yes! The healing power of art is undeniable. Whether you are creating art or enjoying it as a viewer, the benefits are vast and varied. Art provides a unique avenue for expressing emotions and processing difficult experiences, stimulating the mind and senses, improving cognitive function and concentration, and promoting social connection and empathy. The healing potential of art is being recognized and utilized in various therapeutic settings, and research continues to support its positive effects on overall well-being.

So, if you haven’t already, why not try incorporating art into your life as a tool for personal growth and healing? With the artworks in my shop it becomes a reality!