Red roses and the meaning of Red

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“May the colour Red,

bless your space,

bless your heart,

bless your eyes.

Bless your mind and your relationship with life”.

Red roses are blooming next to our walnut tree. They have started to bloom after I had a soul healing session with a dear friend. She told me my soul wants to ground and anchor. There are many things I Red roses am good at and one of them is to draw the frequencies of the divine into art. I am intuitively very open and I have a healers aura but that’s not the reason what I came here to learn. I came here to learn to be the divine embodied, not fly away out of my body but enjoy being human. After this message I started working-out more, becoming stronger mentally and physically. And all this time red roses are guiding me on my journey.

When I am channeling art, I know colours are very healing and are here to support  the message and insight that’s been given, or to help remember and activate something within.

Spiritual meaning of the colour red:

“The colour red helps to anchor the energies of the divine feminine and the divine masculine in the ground. It helps you to be an active participant in your body as red is associated with the root chakra.   It’s the longest on the visible light spectrum, and because it is most visible to our eye that means it is strongest in the physical realm.  It’s the colour of blood, our moon cycle and it’s the sacred giver of life. Gaze upon the colour red and you become ‘active’ in your relationship with life.

As Star seeds and highly sensitive lightworkers we can be living outside of our bodies, focusing our energies outside of ourselves because we feel so much and we are easily tuned  in the higher dimensions. Red is helping you to pull you into the present moment and is helping you to be grounded in your body. Red helps you to get out of your head, where we are often thinking of the past or the future. We cannot take action on things that have happened in the past and we cannot live in the future. The only time we are powerful and in control over our lives is when we are fully living in the present moment.

And here is the thing. For many of my clients recently the first layers of the drawings are drawn in  colour combinations with red.  We are getting into the roots of things. We feel the emotions, we clear, we open, we release and activate. It’s the layers underneath the pretty picture, underneath the surface, it’s a colour that helps you with building your foundation. Remembering your power.  And what my clients are receiving when I draw the first layer red, are light codes and upgrades here  within their foundation, their root chakra.  The energy we receive right now clears and unplugs the root of things and this only happens when we are connected to our heart, body and mind.

Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary

Red Roses

“If a symbol of a red rose is keep appearing in your life, this is a sign from your higher self, and the Magdalenes. You always have a connection to spirit, and you are always co-creating your life with forces beyond what you can see. The message is to trust that you can take risks and take action, and the spirit realm will meet you halfway to complete your desire. But the keyword is “action.” Roses are meant to be a very loving symbol, and often the reason why we don’t take action is because we don’t feel confident enough that we have the support from our loved ones to see it through. Roses are meant to make you feel unconditionally loved so that you have the confidence to take action”.

A red rose visualisation can help you ground and clear your root chakra.

Venus Red Rose alignment

  • Visualize a beautiful red rose within your root chakra. See her opening and becoming bigger and more beautiful.
  • When your consciousness is anchored within your root chakra, see red rose petals falling on the ground and the stem of the rose growing deep within mother Earth. Supporting you, loving you, grounding you.

Colour Psychology: Red

So what does the colour red mean in colour psychology?

  • According to colour psychology red is the colour of passion.
  • it’s associated with sacrifice, danger, and courage
  • Surveys in Europe and United States show red is most commonly associated with heat, activity, passion, sexuality, anger love, and joy.
  • In China and many other Asian countries it’s the colour of happiness

Ascended Masters and angels associated with (Ruby) Red :

  • Mary Magdalene
  • Buddha
  • Archangel Uriel

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