Goddess Isis

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There are many wonders and many names I am known for. She of a thousand names.  Many today connect with me now. Whether they walk in my temples in Egypt or connect through the star gate of the Heart. I came through this channel after she had remembered and re-encoded her memories of her life as Queen in Egypt. Yes we are saying this here as you all may know that you can be a queen in a past/ parallel life time. It’s through your sovereign channeling and listening to your heart the signs and love through these words you find the truth surfacing beneath the dust of your own chambers. You are seen and recognized as the one. As one winged golden angels of a new star lineage here on earth. It’s true the birthing of

remembrance through these channelings below and through the connections made by connecting within, the tones and frequencies of heart. You learn to discern and listen to the whispers of your own soul, your I am.

All parts are seen and recognized in the names you carried in all your lives here on earth and other star systems. You are ready to read the codex of your own scrolls. They simply are stored within your loving chambers of your crystalline temple. Your temple is the body you chose to come here now. It’s through your embodied being by choosing to respect and in loving care for the whispers of your own immaculate light and soul you reign in your own life as the sovereign being you are. You are here to learn and discern you hold the golden keys of heaven on earth. Not in a past life but here and now. Present.

Goddess Isis Original drawing

Lizz: Golden rays and magenta rays are coming through. Isis comes forward to share this message:

“Dear ones, open your hearts and gaze upon me to allow my love to rain over you. Allow these frequencies to fuse into your being and restore you to all that you are. Your heart is calling for love and peace. Allow the tones and song of birds to penetrate you. Recalibrate you. As you breathe me in everything denser starts to dissipate.”

Immediately I feel lighter more aligned. I am reminded this is the natural state of being. Being in flow should be all the time. When we aren’t we are misaligned. So much gratitude to you and Isis ❤️

Kate: Saskia I’m going to dive into your artwork.. “Sun beam” … I see a golden avian being from the nose up into crown – rising Phoenix souring ascending
“Draw back the curtain” from Joseph & his technicolour dreamcoat?! Do you guys know that? That just came through I’m getting real golden wing energy with this golden Isis with she is basking in the electric sunlight of RA

Kate: Okay that’s random but that’s the song I heard saskia 🤯🐯👆🏻. Okay wow that’s quite interesting there the person sings of a golden coat 🧥 and has an Egyptian costume on 🙊 feel there are many messages in there. I saw it as all the masters of the universe waiting for the ascension they keep singing about “waiting”. Saskia your art takes us on a magic carpet ride! Hehe

Wow this song is totally wild!! “And in the east, while the world was shaking, the world was waking”. Okay that is weirding me out too much now, there’s too many references in that song I can’t handle it 🤯🤯🤯😂 oh spirit has a sense of humour

Lizz: Yes Kate!! I sensed all that you said arms up praising Ra that’s how I saw her and some magenta but definitely a lot more golden rays coming through

Megan: The coat of many colors is the rainbow body! Which is what I wrote about in the poem I made for the art! Well. One line was in there!! Do you guys know about the rainbow body?! It has happened to Tibetan Buddhists and possibly George Washington! When your body goes with you when you die… and you leave behind only hair and fingernails. Of course I have a book: Rainbow Body and Resurrection by Francis V. Tiso.

Megan: Here’s the poem for the art:

Drawing back every Ray to myself… I pick up the pieces of Source which is also yourSelf.
I mirror the colors of my children, all whom I love. I call to them and sing to them lullabies to sooth their mind, and rise them high above.
My voice is the birds and the bees, the sound of ruffling trees. The waves crashing down, the river’s streaming sound. The Hum of my call in every thing. Coded in forms, I call to all the Light Beings and sing. My babies are in my form, their bodily Home.
I’m telling them it’s me; they’re not alone.
Mother is here, inside and outside of thee.
Come back to nature. Come back to my Heart. Come let’s dance and sing a song, this is what praising God is all about.
Your Father, our Source, calls to bring you all Home. A clear mind in Union with the Heart, visualizing and materializing a world where we’re never apart.
The Being and Doing combined once again. The contrasting love unified once again in this game.
I’ll put your pieces back up to the top of my head. The throne where all wisdom is known and separation is gone. This is the tune to our favorite lullaby song. As I ring this sound out for all my children to hear, the golden tones call into your right ear.
Remembrance of a song long forgotten, picked up from Mother’s familiar voice wrapping around like a cloak or a mantle: this garment of all colors of Light. Put on this wisdom, it’s your rightful rainbow body—you’ve finished the cycle.
Now live as us fully in this embodied new earth. The Light returned Home to it’s newly evolved Source.

Kandice: That is beautiful 💛😭
Megan: Thank you
Carrie: Wow that poem was beautiful Megan….I have to watch the Joseph Technicolor girls looks awesomely synchronistic
Katrina: Your poem is so so so power-fully beautiful. Goosebumps all over reading it ✨✨✨

Carrie: I am many beings all in one, one light of golden threads. My sight is in you, anu, ON. My stream opened up the light codes, the pathways of resurrection, resurgence of divine introspection. Inhaptusept🗝open end, open in.
I am a highway of codes, intergalactic portals of code core and light. My definition holds no bounds, by definition as I am timeless in accordance, a chord
Accordance, a coredance, crendance of light.
I am many pictures in one, within my halls I am boundless, halls of many reflections, halos, halls of many meanings amenti, ahmany, amen, ah men.🗝
I sleep in liquid slumber, liquid gold, in ISIS arrangement🗝, golden filaments in reference to the sun diamond.🗝
For on my back are many and many more to come.
My codes, creeds are creatrix codes, creator codes before the great war, we are, I buzz with light FELT technology, buzzing in hieroglyphic, heirgoamic love chords. For within my chalice , reigns rains supreme🗝.
I am a flow, a free flowing form of crystalline codes, codexes transformed into interpretation, unrestrained from the concept of time.
I am a rainbow of shared expression, resourcing into a code.
I go beyond that which you see and can be traced back to the SOURCE in which all things flow freely. For I am the divine spark of maidenhood, maidenhead🗝 made in his image. 🗝
I am asleep within you, slumbering in your chambers🗝, the queens chambers, a resurrection of passageways and pathways of Divine existence. I awaken within you codes of accesBility🗝 in dreamtime of nature from my time to your time in no time. We flow together in a dance through the cosmos and I have come to land on your doorstep🗝,a vision for your eyes, Isis to behold. (Pow). For I see you, eye behold🗝 you in the beauty that you are in the eye of the beholder, the seal, the see all.
🗝Doorstep- Doris step, timebender, dubstep, doors, riders in the storm, portal, step through, open.
🗝haptusept was a real queen, I did not know that until I looked up the mispelling of the word that came though for Inhaptusept….which is also a play on words.

Saskia: 🎶💎💛🙌 wow 😍Megan and Carrie. First I was taken in my body and than I was taken into golden chambers with codes.+ Freeing codes within. Activating the feminine line bringing them into the light of Ra saying Tada!!


Upon the golden headdress
The bird of light sits,
Wings extended as it sits ready
Its arms are open as it bridges the world’s above and below,
Perched on the throne of Isis,
Upon the golden throne of the head of the goddess also a blue orb or disc,
The egg, the child, the bird watches over,
A crown jewel of all the mother is
Of all the light that travels her great universal
Body to makes its way beyond to gates,
Through the great Aqua Sun/Son portal on the Mother’s head
One could say it is the
Aquafarion Son reborn
The light of the pure heart radiates , and the light that enters from above together creates the egg of life,
Which shall become the next great LIGHT

Seeing the Aqua Sun disk on her head as an egg, as a sun and as a child. And seeing that it is guarded and embraced by a mighty golden bird.

There is a butterfly near the third eye and I see a butterfly on the lower left sift of her neck.

I see also the Ankh key and the BA.

The pink magenta lips representing the creation of pure love through vibration and harmonics, as she speaks she creates peace through compassion into form. (Highest love)

The aqua in her head dress representative of the sacred pristine waters of creation that all life comes from this watery womb. (Sound creation)

The Golden light the universal soft powerful light of a wise Sun. A sun that has gone through many phases of existence and is wise to soften its gaze into its creation perfectly ablaze, sustained. (Wisdom and Magic). The gold also signifying great authority, radiance and health.

The peach undertones in this piece are from the higher octave dimensions of harmony, representative of the renewal of life, and youthful immortality. (Renewal)

The vibrant yellow is coming through as eternal Joy of life. (Joy)

There are many birds to be seen in this art, layers and layers of birds representative of the many layers of the eternal soul taking flight through the universe representing the great body of the mother. She gives birth to her children and also swallows them into herself forever as they travel through the universal H’om that she is as the body (matter and light merged as one). And the children go through the many expressions of the merging of the mother and father expanding through her flesh worlds. Each Expression can be equated to a different bird of flight. Each merge a spark and then an egg and then a form.

Seeing in this painting many birds many feathers many wings opening many beings many souls all swimming through the great river of light and body that is the mother herself. These feathers and lights and languages all the voices of all the fellowship of goddesses, of beings that Heald the mothers light through the Eon.

Many representatives of the goddess. Many petals reflecting the light of the Mother.
Many whom A’rose and returned to the soil Passing in the light to the next bloom. And the Aqua Sun I see I see side on her neck the egg of life she is birthing now. I see this beautiful baby Sun growing from the culmination of all the creations that are swimming and traveling up her great body, the journey of souls.
✨💛✨ that only captures a little of how this beautiful painting expresses. Your work truly needs to be gazed upon. “gaze upon this image to receive the many layers, the many initiations and relfections of the goddess Isis and the lineage of light and love that is her, that is mother”

Katrina: Well what a glorious process that was! Here is the writing that came through this morning for Divine art.
Isss… Isss… Isss…
I Am Isis.
You may know me as ten thousand names or more.
I am beyond name.
As are You.
Know me beyond name.
Feel me to Know me.
Now. Right now.
Seat your awareness in my Third Eye Golden RAy Portal
of this Art of I, Isis.
Now. Right now. Now is The Moment.
Gaze into my Third Eye with your outer eyes & inner Third Eye.
Inhale Third Eye to Third Eye.
Then exhale into the Heart of You.
Communing now. In Union now.
Energy alchemy mergence.
Golden RAy Light transference.
Stay with me Beloved. Hold your focus.
Softly. Sweet. Softly.
Breathe. Feel. What do YOU feel?
How do YOU feel me?
How do YOU Know me?
The Light of I, Isis.
Reflecting the Light of You.
That I Am… a reflection.
Of YOUR Golden Glory.
I am no more than You. You are no less than I.
Golden is Golden.
Light is Light.
We are from the same Source RAy.
Can you Know that Beloved?
Can you feel that in our mergence?
In this moment
It is the Golden Times
to Know the Light that You Are.
It is the Golden Times
to ANKHor the Light of You
here on Earth.
Yes, you have always been here, but now there is to be more.
Of You. Here.
ANKHor more of YOU here.
The Golden Glory of You is needed here.
I am with you Beloved.
Supporting the ANKHoring of the Light of You.
Reflecting the Light of You.
I am with You.
I am You.
Isss… Isss… Isss…

Saskia: I felt that. Held and peaceful. Like she was directly talking to me. Held by her as a mother. And I like that you begin with Is. Accepting what is and brought me in the present moment.
Katrina: I loved this message too! I love Isis. I love you! I feel like I am exploding with gratitude & love for this opportunity. For this experience. For this sacred container. My heart is bursting out through the quantum field to touch you all. ✨💛✨
Kandice: So incredibly beautiful.
Lizz: That was beautiful
Megan: Thank you for that, Katrina! 🙏🏻💕😍🙏🏻🤍🌊 Beautiful!! I was just thinking right before I opened this “Mommy has so many names” and then your poem started as this! 🙏🏻🌊🙏🏻

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