Goddess Hathor and the cosmic eggs

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I had an idea to start a blog but the timing wasn’t right. It all came together when I connected with 5 other gifted, loving lightworkers.
My guides say when we come together and merge our gifts as lightworkes, it’s like a huge light is spread across the chrystalline grid. As our frequencies spread through sharing in this merging of light, the ley lines vibrate across the globe touching every soul whether they are aware of it or not. I asked my friends to tune into this drawing of Goddess Hathor and the Cosmic eggs. So let’s begin with the message I received while drawing her.

Trust the process of being reborn.
The egg of rebirth.
The cosmic egg.
In the deep nourishment of a lineage long past unfolds a seed of light. Sprouting back into her being. Sprouting back into her essence, into her heart. Spiraling back into knowing.

In the stillness.
She is.
He is.
I am
Reborn a new.

Whole. Holy. I am all. Breathing living light, one with Om Source. Mother/father/one.

The Hathors.
The nourishing loving lines of love. Keeper of the living notes of harmony. Sing your destiny.

Megan: Gorgeous writing!! That’s the word I saw when I saw it! Rebirth! In a bit I will mediate with it and see what emerges.
Lizz: Woah! getting all Hathorian consciousness coming in. Ahh loving this. I’ll tune in a little.

Kandice: The circle disk in her head I am viewing in a new light now. Since that egg Experience where I had 3 eggs pop out of membrane I viewed in my third eye I see that circle/ sun disk as an emergence of something from within us that has grown into a large egg we are carrying in our head/on our head.
The beautiful colours or platinum, purple, turquoise and the gold are the frequencies that have been in coming predominately 2019 (just what I have experienced). And I see in the neck the gold and bit or touch of the Emerald bright green), the orange and gold near the third eye brim (the creative energy of the sacral adorned in her sights and all she sees and interprets)… The green and yellow near the throat speaking with love and powerful self knowing (heart aligned with will). The turquoise everywhere, the mother arc frequencies in her aura and head dress.

As I look at your drawing I see the life portrait in my third eye in full 3rd dimensionality. I see the layers of energy moving around and through this being. wow. Feeling this opalescent energy coming from the circular disc or egg in the head like a pearl. Hearing pearls of wisdom. I see now there is an egg below and egg at the heart and an egg above like the dantians, but they are trinity eggs, culminations of the dimension of the body they represent.

The silver platinum ray is a very high powerful potent ray I have felt a few times in the past couple of years. I have experienced it like a laser, I don’t know how else to say, it is so high vibrational it’s almost like microdermabrasion? It is pure pure love, but it is very strong, this is as I have exprienced it, it is also a soft light but the frequency of it can be extraordinarily cleansing. Like being liked by a thousand cats. Just noticing all the platinum around her and in the writing. The writing is like living light language glyphs, I have seen this in a meditation before writings. A book of light and light language written on a glass pyramid that all glowing starlight.

Kate: I heard “the art of creation”. It’s a powerful piece this one! Yes yes yesss to all that has been shared here by others. I resonate with it all! Mother frequencies felt strongly. This image is so powerful and motherly Divine and as I connect at it I get this message:

“You have done this all before, you are me and I am you, and we got this!”
Like it’s pure empowerment and soul remembering.

We are all in labour together. I also see the egg like a yoni birthing the wisdom of Hathor, the Divine mother. A mother birthing a mother.

Read more in Part 2. coming soon.

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