Why is art healing?

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Art has been recognized as a powerful tool for healing and therapy for centuries. In many spiritual traditions, art has been used as a means of expressing and connecting with the divine, and as a tool for healing the body, mind, and spirit. But is each painting healing? The answer is not as simple as it seems.

The Higher Self explained

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The Higher Self Explained The concept of the Higher Self, is also known as the divine self or the higher consciousness of the soul. It is our true essence with our unique talents, abilities and gifts. According to many spiritual … Read More

Red roses and the meaning of Red

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“May the colour Red, bless your space, bless your heart, bless your eyes. Bless your mind and your relationship with life”. Red roses are blooming next to our walnut tree. They have started to bloom after I had a soul … Read More

Art of Creation – Goddess Hathor part 2

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Kandice: Seeing us all as Muses /and Hathors. Peeling into a layer of our very deep ancient connections to this being represented in this painting and the energy that extends into the cosmos. Yes remembering who we are/were/becoming again. Who … Read More

Goddess Hathor and the cosmic eggs

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I had an idea to start a blog but the timing wasn’t right. It all came together when I connected with 5 other gifted, loving lightworkers.My guides say when we come together and merge our gifts as lightworkes, it’s like … Read More

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