Water Guardians Water Priestess


Original A3 size artwork made with oil pastels
42 x 29,7 cm / 11.69 x 16.53 inches

Fine Art Print is printed on Hahnemuhle Albrecht Durer paper, High Quality and looks very similar to the original

Your artwork will be signed by me. (There will only be 25 Art prints made)


Ships Worldwide from the Netherlands (excl. frame)

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Water Guardians / Water Priestess

I channeled this piece called Water Guardians / Water Priestess for one of the ancient Water Priestesess of Earth. She is looking for a home.

This piece will be resonating with someone who is ready to remember and work with seeding our oceans, our seas, the bodies of water on our planet with her sacred light codes. You will have had a life in Atlantis or Lemuria and you have been a mermaid, or water priestess. When this piece calls to your soul you worked with the grid system on Earth. Special anchor points are spread on the bottom of our oceans and seas since the time of the fall of these ancient civilisations. Water Guardians / Water Priestess serves your soul to awaken and remember that you are a water guardian, a water priestess of ancient times. This drawing will unlock many memories of working closely with water consciousness and all life within her.

You will receive a short message I received while channeling Water Guardians/ Water Priestess.





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