Stand in your light


A4 orginal spiritual drawing made with oil pastels
( A4 width 21cm by height 29,7 cm / 8,3 x 11,7 inches)

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Stand in your light

* It can feel vulnerable to stand in your light, to speak your truth, to share your gifts, to really be authentic to you. This drawing reminds you it’s time and it’s safe to shine your light big and bright.
* When drawing ‘Stand in your light’ I felt the presence of Mary Magdalene come over me. She is one of the divine feminine ascended masters who really can support you on your path of remembering your light and also to stand in it. Whatever the opinions of the world may be, what beliefs about yourself you have, your own limits you may think you have, this drawing speaks to your soul core, the essence of who your truly are and to honour the woman you are, to honour the gifts you have, to love yourself and claim your truth.
* Stand in your light can be used in a ritual to love yourself, making a flower mandala for instance or place it on your altar, it’s up to you and your intuition how you want to use this drawing.
*Comes with an explanation of the drawing so you can consciously tune into her energy.

Copyright Saskia Art & Healing

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