Omina – Lyran teacher


Original A3 size artwork made with oil pastels



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Omina-Lyran Teacher is an A3 size original artwork made with oil pastels.

When I was drawing Omina I felt a connection to the Pleiades, Egypt and Lyra. Her face changed a few times, same as her hair. From being bald as a light being with a larger forehead shape shifting into having hair like Cleopatra and to having a lion’s mane as you see in the end result. Lyrans are known as being shape-shifters and Omina loved to experiment with eccentric colors.

Omina speaks:

The world blends.
The world unites.
We are ReneStars Light.
Renegades of Light.
Renewal, transformation into codes of love and heart.
We are One.
The ones Unite, through the gates of heart love is found.
Compassion, forgiveness bringers of a new dawn for all.
Hand in hand, light grids, light workers standing in circle as one family. The gates we move through not alone, not one by one. Together with masses of light holders, way showers, one family unite. De-armoring the boundaries of you, me. A rainbow tribe of many bringing their own unique essence. Their own unique talents. Their own unique lens, view of harmony of working together. Complementing each other. One spectrum, one ray unites in a bridge of love. One ray united in a rainbow colored spectrum, of unity of new earth family. New time lines are here. Like an elliptical curve adjusting the time, the line of linear time into multiverse, universal soul time of light. The spiral of an elliptical curve of your own sun. Your own core, your Over Soul. Like a tsunami. A wave of Love washing you Clean of all the debris of everything that you can let go of. The wave of unity. Over Soul unity group leaving old time behind.

Channeled by Saskia Jonkers

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