Grandmother Lyran


Original A3 size artwork made with oil pastels
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Grandmother Lyran is an A3 size original artwork made with oil pastels.

Her message:

We are the one family of unified light

Art carries codes through which one activates and is able to establishe their own remembering. In this particular piece a Lyran Grandmother stands before a portal. She is all knowing, wise and confident. This image carries the energy of Lyra and the words are less important.

The Lyrans are here to assist us and are from the constellation Lyra.
They spread the harmonic tone for this universe. They are the grandmothers of our human race and their energy is ancient.

When drawn to this image you are likely to have links to Lyra.
Lyra was a planet of the humanoid origin and used to be the center of this galaxy. Lyrans live for thousands of years and there used to be many types of feline beings, bird beings, humanoid beings and other ones as well. When I channel Lyrans they are moslty Lion like.
This image carries an important connection to the ancient Lyrans. The grandmothers awaken is what I kept hearing. We are returning
we are with many
to witness unfold
the one
light heart
unified Hue (all colors)

You can see and experience the Original artwork at my Art Exposition at Crystal Store De Verrijking in Maassluis the Netherlands 18 januari 2020 – februari 2020

Channeled by Saskia Jonkers

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