Goddess Durga

I am so happy you found yourself here. It is not a coincidence you are here. You listened to your guidance and I am honored to draw for you.

I have received the gift to channel your energy into an image for you.

Your On Demand drawing will be deeply connected to your soul, and your journey in this life. While drawing I’m divinely guided, my soul steps aside and I am led by your team of light and Higher Self. I receive messages and visions that are important for you in this moment to remember you who you are.  

A lot of energy is flowing through my hands while I am drawing so you can feel it, see it and work with your drawing. The specific colors, light language, the process and image that I will be channeling for you will activate you in many ways.

I work with your Higher Self, your guides, Star Beings, ascended masters, Mother Mary and whoever is on your team of light to assist you in awakening and remembering to who you really are.

Together with your attached reading your artwork will:

  • Help you come back to yourself and remember who you are.
  • Lets you feel loved and nourished
  • Uplift and empower you
  • Shows you your energy and you can also feel it when holding in your hands
  • Light Language to activate you and remember you
  • Special keycodes are drawn onto your drawing to move energy through your body to assist you in your ascension process for instance for your throat chakra to express yourself (only when I am guided to do this).
  • Help to Raise your vibration

What can I do with my energy drawing?

  • Each artwork is light encoded and multi-dimensional in nature. This means you can gaze and meditate with your drawing unlimited times; each time you will see, feel and experience a different journey and you will birth into an other level of Self.
  • Make crystal grids, place crystals on special keycodes
  • Use your drawing for selflove rituals, moon ceremonies, connect with your Star Family, your angels and Higher Self
  • You can place your drawing on your altar or in your sacred space

How does it work?

Your investment: €133 – €355 dependent on the size of the drawing you choose

Usually I am working on your artwork for a couple of days.

  • Price includes Worldwide shipping without Track and Trace.
    Choose recorded deliveries with Track and Trace for an additional 15 euro’s in your shopping card.
  • You’ll receive a custom made A5, A4 or A3 size energy drawing full of love and your unique energy.
  • You will receive your reading with all the messages I received while making your artwork in pdf that I will e-mail to you.  This includes progress pictures, and an explanation of the colors and the symbols on your energy drawing.

Thank you so much! You can order your personal artwork below with reading below.

(You can also contact me to channel an artwork for you around a special experience)

See all the on demand drawings here: http://saskiaartandhealing.com/gallery/

All the Love

on demand spiritual drawing

“Unconditional love, beautiful beings reminding you of who you are, sex, love, Lemuria, speaker, star families….all of this came through in this most powerful painting by Saskia. You beloved gave me a gift I will never lose sight of. A reminder that I am pure, I am connected, I am worthy and I am here to love unconditionally both myself and humanity. An open portal, a star gate, a multidimensional access point. Thank you beautiful for giving me the gift of remembrance, the “oh yes, that’s right” remembrance. The “I am actually on the right path” remembrance.

this is why we are all here together at this time. Each with our own gifts to share with the world AND each of us are gifts of remembrance….even if you think you remember…someone has a little extra ” yes but don’t forget about this” to share with you.

I highly recommend getting an art piece by Saskia. It comes with a 2 page reading that burst my heart wide open and allowed me to soften and sink deeper into who I am and why I am here. Check her out. This beautiful being has gifts in her fingers and magic in her words. ▫
Thank you dear one! thank you!”  Lorie Ladd

Maria Magdalena Moeder Maria

” Zo dankbaar lieve Saskia dat je deze mooie tekening hebt gemaakt met de overdracht van helende energie voor mij. Vanaf het moment dat je begon voelde ik van alles om mij heen gebeuren. Zo bijzonder en zo veel liefde en licht. Bij het ontvangen van jouw tekening viel alles op zijn plaats. Alles wat ik doorleef, alles wat er op dit moment om mij heen gebeurd, de begeleiding, en alles wat er van binnen stroomt. Het pad wat ik mag gaan lopen, wat ik bij kan dragen met mijn licht. Diep geraakt, ontroerd, tranen stroomde over mijn wangen. Door jouw tekening is er weer een poort open gezet. Een ontzettend mooi nieuw begin, opening, stroming, een handreiking, heling, nog meer vrouwelijkheid. Dank je wel mooie lieve Saskia voor jouw prachtige zielswerk. Geen woorden zijn er voor dan de woorden die er nu uit zijn gestroomd en dit is nog maar beperkt… van hart tot hart, liefs Odith

on demand art

My dear Saskia, I am so in love with Arcturian Flight! I have been in awe since I first read your email. I have been gazing at the drawing throughout the day and can hardly find the words to describe the happiness and elation I feel when I look at her. Wow. So perfect, so timely. A green that pierces my soul. That color feels like home. I am so grateful to you for bringing in the magic and messages and blessing me with more than I can express. I experience such joy with your art, on a cellular level. There is always so much excitement while I wait to see what is revealed. Thank you for all these wonderful feelings, and for time and time again bringing me home to the truth and all the love out there. I included this photo below because it was a special cloud that I saw from my deck days before I left for Mount Shasta. It felt like the Arcturians then and so I feel it means even more now after seeing the same shape in my beautiful drawing 💗You are phenomenal and I just love you and what you do so much. With my sincerest gratitude, Kate

Christ consciousness Solar energy

“Solar Christ heart”… she arrived today and I cried. Tears of recognition. Tears of another layer of remembrance of who I am and what I am here to do.  Saskia I can’t even find the words. Solar Christ Heart explosion happening here. I feel in awe. She will sit on my altar to remind me of me. Bless you for All that this is.” Katrina Smith


“Wow. I’ve been processing and internalizing this all day. I may not have words to express how your drawing and reading made me feel. It’s beyond words. And how thankful I feel to you and the guides and all the helpers. What a beautiful drawing. And how helpful the messages. My gratitude is just so large. I feel expanded and quiet. My wordplay hasn’t ebbed, but my disapproval of parts of my past self came up and is starting to fade. Leaving room for something I used to know and have to get used to again. Happiness. Joy. Beauty. Receiving love. And sharing it. It’s hard to give love when you can’t let it in because of fear. The reading helped the fear get swept away by the tides. And also, I have not heard of Mare before. I enjoyed reading about her online. Will enjoy exploring all the resources you shared with me, books etc. I feel I’m ready now. For something I know not what. Haha  You’re a treasure”. Cara


“I received the beautiful Translator of Light Intel yesterday! She’s stunning! Goosebumps! She’s powerful and very heart expansive. Love just meditating on her for even brief moments as I pass by her on my altar. Light Language has been coming through more so lately as well. I had been doing it periodically but wasn’t consciously sure what it was exactly. After working with you I relaxed more into it and it comes freely. Excited for what is to come! Thank you for your gifts, service and love. You are amazing. Thank you truly. Beautiful experience for sure”. AnnaTranslator of Light Intel – Anna

“Hi oh wow wow wow! THANK YOU! What an amazing reading. What a confirmation. And my purpose feels so GRAND, just like it has felt, and now I am more ready than ever. YOU are amazing. You make me feel so important and BIG. Thank you. What a boost. I can’t wait to begin working with the drawing. I can feel it’s power and potential. I bow to you. I bow to your work, your gift to humanity and to us lightworkers knowing how to recognise your genius. Thank you so much. Love love love, Alexa Marie. “I meditated with it today. So powerful. The code was tranfered within my throat chakra”.  Alexa Marie

On Demand

custom made spiritual drawing

On Demand

Price includes World Wide shipping

Please e-mail me a recent Selfie of you to: info@saskiaartandhealing.com

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