There are many light beings around us. More and more want to be drawn and have a message. It's so important for us to see them in this way. So we have something tangible or proof even that they are here. Having an artwork of your guides, your Higher Self, light beings or your baby is a daily reminder that what we felt or saw in our meditation or in a vision is real.

I make my art with my hands. I rub out the oil crayons. The energy of what creation wants to flow through me comes through my right hand and light encodes each artwork. Layer by layer the energy comes through with lots of messages. This energy is what you feel when holding one of my works. My art is multi-dimensional and you receive what you can handle and are ready for in each moment you look at it or feel it.
While I as a vessel of each creation go through the ascension and awakening process my art becomes more powerful.

I like to call myself a cosmic photographer but there is not a real definition in what I do. I am here as a Creator Being to bring forth the art that wants to flows through me. I only know the light beings I draw are real. They are around us. They want to be seen. This is part of my mission to elevate the globe with my art and to assist you in your Returning of remembering who you are.

Lots of Love Saskia

Love in my Hart

“Wow, dear Saskia, this afternoon, after a statue of Goddess Isis arrived, I received your Goddess drawing. I had Goosebumps, what a deep recognition in the image, but also in the sacred message. Dear Saskia, you truly make Divine work. You can touch many hearts with your being and work.” - Tamara Patrick

“So nice, it heals. I was in a super busy week and being stressful. Pace of life get messed because of sudden new project. When I saw this lovely drawing, my heart chakra was beating up the blockage.”

"I received your art. It is beautiful. I love feeling it in my own hands! Thank you so much!"

"Dearest Saskia, guess what? Today is my birthday and I had a feeling that your divine artwork may arrive. Well it did. I love the artwork and am deeply moved after reading your exquisite channelled heart warming and heart expanding words. I never expected what I have received. I am very grateful to you. I feel so blessed and in the verge of tears. Thank you. I will keep your beautiful drawing where I can see it each day and absorb the healing vibration."

"My dear Saskia, I am so in love with Arcturian Flight! I have been in awe since I first read your email. I have been gazing at the drawing throughout the day and can hardly find the words to describe the happiness and elation I feel when I look at her. Wow. So perfect, so timely. A green that pierces my soul. That color feels like home. I am so grateful to you for bringing in the magic and messages and blessing me with more than I can express. I experience such joy with your art, on a cellular level. There is always so much excitement while I wait to see what is revealed. Thank you for all these wonderful feelings, and for time and time again bringing me home to the truth and all the love out there. I included this photo below because it was a special cloud that I saw from my deck days before I left for Mount Shasta. It felt like the Arcturians then and so I feel it means even more now after seeing the same shape in my beautiful drawing 💗You are phenomenal and I just love you and what you do so much. With my sincerest gratitude, Kate"